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Canmore recycling services

There are three methods of recycling available in the Bow Valley:

Recycling Depots

Location #1 - Boulder Depot
115 Boulder Crescent, Elk Run Industrial Park

Metal food cans, glass, corrugated cardboard & boxboard, mixed paper, newsprint, magazines, plastics, eWaste (computers/TV's/radios/microwaves/small appliances/monitors/keyboards/printers/cables/speakers/DVD, CD & Blu-ray players/cell phones), automotive batteries, rechargeable/non-rechargeable batteries, used oil & glycol products and containers, bicycle tires (no inner tubes), fluorescent light tubes, CFL's, leaf/yard/scrub/brush, Christmas trees (seasonal).

Location #2 - Sobey's Depot

Canmore Crossing, Railway Avenue

Metal food cans, glass, corrugated cardboard & boxboard, mixed paper, newsprint, magazines, plastics.

#3 - Large items:

Curb-side collection can be scheduled with the Town of Canmore, or they can be dropped off directly to the Francis Cooke Regional Class III Landfill.

Washers/dryers, dishwashers, hot water heaters, stoves, furnace, fridges/freezers, metal/wood furniture/ bicycles.

Recycling Refundables

Canmore Bottle Depot
103 Boulder Crescent

Items accepted:

  • Polycoat containers (juice boxes, milk, cream, rice and soya cartons, etc)
  • Plastic drink bottles (water, juice, soft drink, etc)
  • Plastic jugs and bottles (clear, coloured and opaque plastic drink containers)
  • Aluminum cans (soft drink, juice, "energy" drink, beer, etc)
  • Bag-in-a-box (wine)
  • Juice pouches and poly cups
  • Glass bottles (wine, juice, soft drink, beer, etc)
  • Bi-metal cans (tomato juice, apple juice, coconut milk, etc)

Items that do not have a deposit paid on them are not accepted.

Where do Bow Valley recyclables go?

  • Cardboard & boxboard - recycled back into cardboard, boxboard, building paper, shingles
  • Glass (clear & coloured) - glass collected in the Bow Valley is used at the Lafarge plant in Exshaw where it is ground back into sand and used in concrete production
  • Hard plastic #1 to #7 - recycled into many products including plastic lumber, carpet, various containers, vehicle curbs
  • Metal food cans, clean aluminum foil - recycled into rebar, car parts, new food cans
  • Magazines - pulped and converted into new products such as building insulation, paper towels, bathroom tissue
  • Mixed paper - recycled into boxboard, egg cartons, building paper, roofing material
  • Newsprint - recycled into new newsprint, boxboard, insulation materials, roofing shingles

If you have any questions on recycling or other waste related issues please contact:
Or contact: Peter Duck, Regional Zero Waste Coordinator at 403.688.1627


Recycling requirements change, please check at or for latest information.